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jossverseclaims's Journal

Joss-Verse Claims
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This community is for the claiming of Jossverse characters. For now, I am focusing on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and Firefly. I may later branch out to Fray, and other Joss Whedon creations, but not just yet.

1. The first 10 members may claim up to 3 things each. They include, but are not limited to:

2. After the first ten members, each member thereafter may claim 1 thing.

3. If someone has claimed something you wanted, either deal with it or ask if they wish to share. (check the claims list, and if the person who claimed it says they dont wish to share, dont bother asking)

4. Be respectful. If someone else has what you wanted to claim, but doesnt want to share, DEAL with it. Im not going to tolerate mean people in my community. If I find that there is anything going on, I can and will BAN you.

5. Claim in a post, not a comment. The people who post in comments what they should be posting in a real post are lazy and thats that.

6. When you claim something/one, you will get a banner made saying what you claimed and from where. If you have a specific picture you want on your banner, you must post it behind a cut. If not, youre leaving the searching up to me.

7. When you get a banner, DONT direct link. Thats not cool. If I find out you are direct linking from me (and i will) you will get a very nasty picture in its place.

8. Have fun!

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